Multiple hollow shaft versions
Bore diameters from ø14 to ø35mm
Optional stainless steel parts

Up to 4000 pulses/rev.
Four year life replaceable battery
Bore diameters from ø14 to ø35mm

Handwheel Indicators

Handwheels in reinforced polymer
From ø50 to ø200mm diameter
Analog and/or 5-digit indicator

Aluminum or stainless steel
Conical or spiral gears
Optional shaft sizes

Standard and custom lengths
Diameters from ø4 to ø20mm
Optional protective sleeves

Various outputs
Incremental or Absolute
Potentiometer 0-10V or 4-20mA

Absolute and incremental
Strokes from 50 to 12,000mm
Versions with analog output available

Aluminum case
Strokes from 25 to 900mm
Protection to IP67

Absolute or incremental
Push-Pull or line driver outputs

Crack monitor for
Structural health monitoring
Wired or wireless versions

Complete systems to monitor
linear and angular movements
AC/DC or battery powered

Brushless or DC motor
Torquesfrom 4 to 12Nm
Position display option

Shaft on indicator or
Coupled flex shaft
Analog and/or digital display

For accurate rotation or
translated speed measurement

Special measurement couplings
For measuring up to 20,000rpm

Cubic, Cylindrical, Fork,
Amplifiers, Fiber

Cubic, Cylindrical, Fork

Inductive, Capacitive
Cubic, Cylindrical

Detects objects down to 5mm
Sensing range up to 6m

Light curtains
Type 2 and Type 4

Cables, connectors, fiber optics,

Absolute and incremental
Ethernet IP, PowerLink, Profi, BiSS, Modbus
Shaft, hollow shaft, bearing-less

Magnetic sensing
Absolute or incremental
Digital, SSI, BiSS

For paper, metallic or clear labels
High speed and accuracy

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