The LRD3102 label sensor is capable of use with virtually every label/liner combination, including clear material, with no metallic content in the label materials or label artwork.  Not for use with foil labels or labels with metallic content in print ink.  Simple screw adjust setup.  Separate sensing head allows LRD2100 performance for tight space applications.  Stringent mounting requirements for reliable operation.

  • Accurate and high speed
  • Screw adjust
  • Separate sensing head
  • CE compliant


LRD3120 with 250 mm remote sensor cable:  P015-4101
LRD3120 with 500 mm remote sensor cable:  P015-4102
LRD3120 with 1000 mm remote sensor cable:  P015-4103

Product features

Response Time 20 µs
Accuracy 0.008″ (0.2 mm)
Switching frequency 10 kHz
Operating temperature 40°F-120°F (4°C-50°C)
Outputs NPN, PNP Open Collector
Environmental rating IP54
Power +24VDC
Protection Short-Circuit and Overload Protection

Overall Dimensions



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