The LRD8200 works with all labels (including clear labels), and ‘one-click’ setup with easy to understand graphic indicator make it the most popular choice.  Ultrasonic technology is slower than capacitive sensors, so for the ultimate in registration speed and accuracy, use the capacitive LRD6300 sensor.

  • Wide fork (3mm)
  • One-click setup with graphic setup indicator
  • CE compliant


LRD8200 Label Sensor:  P016-6100
LRD8200 Label Sensor with LRD mounting adapter bracket:  P016-6101
LRD8200 Label Sensor with extended baseplate:  P016-6103
LRD8200 Label Sensor with extended baseplate and mounting adapter:  P016-6104
LRD mounting adapter bracket only:  P016-6090
Extended baseplate only:  B016-8341
Cable for LRD8200:  6200-0081

On request:

  • Mounting adapter to fit other LRD model sensors’ mounting holes
  • Extended baseplate (2″, 50.4 mm) to support wide webs

Product features

Response Time 425 µs
Accuracy 60 m/min: 0.30 mm (0.012″);   250 m/min: 1.25 mm (0.050″)
Switching frequency > 1 kHz
Operating temperature 40°F-140°F (4°C-60°C)
Outputs NPN, PNP Open Collector
Environmental rating IP54
Power +12V to +24V DC
Protection Short-Circuit and Overload Protection

Overall Dimensions


  • Mounting adapter
  • Extended baseplate

Info Links:

LRD8200 Label Sensor
Easy Setup Video

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries or questions